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How to Find the Right Athletic Socks + My Current Favs

I’ve always had sock issues.  It started back in the day with folded over lace trimmed white socks for church, and it continues today with my running socks.  Socks are uncomfortable, socks bunch.  They fall, wear blisters, and just. Feel. Terrible.

This is probably a #shortgirlproblem considering about 90% of all socks are too big for me.  This may not be as helpful for everyone one else, but I thought I’d share a few tips for picking the perfect athletic socks and what brands work best for me!

Get Socks That Fit

This is really the only tip that matters A LOT.  If you wear smaller than a size 8 shoe, you need to order small socks.  No, they’re not available everywhere.  You’ll likely need to order them online, especially if you want any say on price or color.

Buy the Right Type

Depending on how you’re working out and how your foot is shaped, you need to purchase different types of socks.  Doing lots of long runs?  Consider thicker soled socks.  Have a high arch?  Buy some with build in support.

Spend a Little Money

Now, I’m a bargain shopper for sure (which is why I suggest shopping online), but be willing to spend a little extra and have fewer pairs.  Cheap socks are NOT the same.  And, if you’re pretty active, you’re likely wearing socks every day.  This is a simple way to #treatyoself without going broke.

Now that you’ve considered these tips, here are my some of my favorites!



Great for those who want a little support and little cushion.  These can be used for pretty much every activity.


A much thicker cushion which I did not think I would like.  However, these have become a regular purchase and feel great when you’ve been training extra hard


My favorite thing here is the drifit material.  They also provide support, but little cushion.  I love these for running and circuit training and also can wear these in booties during the fall since they’re not too thick.

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.


  • I finally found Balega, too, and got rid of the others! Used my REI dividend on several pairs.

    • Awesome! They are so great!


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