Hey there!  Thanks for visiting my site.  If you have questions, or may be interested in working with me, send me a message below and I’ll be in touch soon!



Ways to work with me:

Virtual Training

I provide complete wellness training to anywhere in the world using a HIPAA compliant tele-health service.  During our sessions you’ll learn how to find balance in your wellness journey, and set and finally achieve goals that will last a lifetime.  Please send me a message and we can create a tailored approach for you!

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally, I will feature an item I fully believe in, on my blog and Instagram.  I consistently accept pitches for such posts, however, please note that I do not accept trade for featured content.

Collaborations/Speaking Engagments

I love working with other people in the wellness world!  If you have an event or other idea on how we can collaborate, I’d love to hear from you!