Emotional Wellness Month 2017

It’s October, and while that usually brings thoughts of Apple Cider and all things Pumpkin (keep your eye out for some yummy new recipes), it’s also Emotional Wellness Month.

Here on the blog I usually focus on physical and mental wellness, but understanding how our emotional state plays a role will help us be more holistically well.

What does it look like to have good emotional health?  While I’m not a professional in this field, I have observed multiple thought processes (within myself and others) that may be helpful or damaging when it comes to total wellness.

Be Aware and Accept Your Feelings

These are sometimes used synonymously, but they really are quite different.  First, we need to just listen.  Identifying what we’re really feeling, and then sitting with it, is often the first few steps of getting a handle on our emotions.

Recognize Conflict as Potentially Healthy

Just because something is uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it is necessarily negative.  It may not feel great, but it could be beneficial in the end.  Understanding that conflict, either with oneself or others, can produce growth is a hallmark of emotional health.  This goes hand in hand with accepting what you feel, without judgment.

Use a Positive Attitude

Once you identify a feeling, you can actively switch your frame of reference to a positive outlook.  This takes practice, but like most things can become a habit.

Set Priorities and Identify Your Values

When you know what your personal values are, it’s easier to prioritize what’s important in your lifestyle.  This is different than setting goals.  Aligning your lifestyle to your values allows you to feel positive about your status and passionate about your habits.

Are you currently practicing emotional wellness?  Think about how you react in different situations.

Do you have strategies for reducing your stress (find some here)? Are you able to make decisions with minimal stress involved?  Are you able to balance life, work, family?

These are complex issues, but as we improve our emotional wellness we are able to more consistently and confidently answer these with a yes.  If I could say one thing on the issue as a whole….remember it’s a practice, and you’ll always be evolving and altering your strategies.

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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