My Favorite Hiking Clothes for #nationaltakeahikeday

When I was younger I was all into sports (I still love them, don’t worry) and thought of exercise as something that was very difficult, burned lots of calories, and increased my sport performance.  While exercise can be all of those things, it doesn’t HAVE to be.  

At this same point in my life I would internally roll my eyes at people who said they hiked and walked for exercise (like that’s really exercise, come on, I mean I’ll go hike with you after I’ve worked out).  Now, while I still love a really tough workout, I’ve realized that being “difficult” is not the only descriptive word for exercise.

In the past 2-3 years, I have completely fallen in love with walking.  And, although I wouldn’t call the trails around here true hiking (I miss those Tennessee hills!), some of my favorite moments are spent winding through the trees and marsh.  

This new-ish found love (and the fact that it’s #nationaltakeahikeday) sparked the idea of putting together my favorite outdoorsy athletic clothes.  Maybe this isn’t a real category in fashion, but I make my own rules, mmk?  So, if you’re looking for some pieces that work outside for your hikes, can be worn while camping, or can become your staples for running errands, check these out:


Vests are without a doubt my favorite outerwear.  They’re wonderful because they allow for full range of motion and eliminate the ever frustrating “can’t put my arms down” moments.  They add a layer to your outfit without bulk, and come in a wide range of weights.  My favorite lightweight vest is from Under Armour, and my favorite puffy vest is Calvin Klein Performance.

Casual Leggings

Although I love all leggings equally, I definitely prefer a more pant-type feel when I’m out and about in outdoor-wear.  These Metro Leggings from Athleta are my all time fav.  They can be used for hiking, or dressed up with booties and sweaters to wear out with your friends.  I wouldn’t put these through a tough workout, but they’re great for everyday use.

Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt

As much as I love all the flowy things, if you’re going to layer, your base layer needs to be fitted.  If it’s not, it just looks a hot mess and may not be as useful at keeping you warm. 

Button-Up for Layering

Whether you choose a traditional flannel, or go for a chambray like me, a button-up is the perfect mid-layer for the great outdoors.  It may not be thick, but the extra layer makes a big difference as the sun begins to set and temps start to drop.  Grab a super affordable version here.


Ok, now that you have your gear, time to find a local park and hit the trails.  What’s your favorite spot to hike??

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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