50 Things I’m Grateful For – Thanksgiving 2017

We are to be fluent in thanksgiving – even after the table is cleared off.   -Lisa Bewere

In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d list a few of the things I’m most grateful for (in no particular order).  Sharing our gratitude is a sure way to spark an attitude of gratitude throughout a community, so please let me know what you’re grateful for as well!

I’m grateful for….

Jesus’ love and sacrifice

Steven, my husband

Parents who love and support me

Carmen, my sister, friend, and mentor

Anna, the friend that knows me better than anyone

My “gram” girls.  Wonderful friends brought together by instagram.

Each and every one of my followers and readers.  You make me feel like I matter.

My car, it’s nice and has bluetooth so I can effortlessly nerd out with podcasts.

Google technology.  The cloud is everything.

iPhone earbuds.  Hands free talking is bomb.

Black Leggings….all of them.

My Gray sweatshirt that fits just right (#thriftfind)

Decaf coffee (and a mom that taught me to love it black)

Sharpie Pens.

Bullet Journaling

Koala Bear.  Just know he’s special.

My Healthy Human Water Bottle.

My phone so I can always be in touch with people I love.

Do Not Disturb Settings so I can always be in touch with people I love.

Iron Skillets

My Piano

My Barnwood Table (made by the Mr.)

Being homeschooled #nerd

Creating magical Christmas seasons every year with my husband.  We’re both obsessed.

Laughing until I cry.  All the times this has happened.

Being a Southerner.  Yes, it’s all it’s cracked up to be. #grits

Fire Pit Nights

Hallmark Christmas Movies #admitityoulikethemtoo

A husband who is always ready to say “yes” to new adventures (moving, jobs, travel, etc)

Grace upon grace.

Peace over fear.

Promise of eternity.

Food Freedom

Access and finances for food.

A de-cluttered home.  #eliminateexcess


A job I seriously love

Living near the beach

My ADD tendencies.  Seriously, they’ve gotten me where I am.

Being short.  I always travel comfortably.

Living in 6 different cities in the past 10 years

Travels in europe

Growing up going camping

Knowing how to change my oil, but having the finances to pay someone to do it

Being an American.  (and everyone in unison: “I’m proud to be an American….”)

Knowing how to cook from scratch

Walks…both by myself and people I love.

Social Media.  It get’s a bad wrap, but can totally be used for good.

Physical health & strength

Nature (flowers, plants, sunset, my christmas cactus) which reminds me who’s in control


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and a beautiful Christmas season.

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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