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#myhealthymeans Campaign

What is HEALTHY?

In the wellness world, using labels like healthy and unhealthy perpetuates the idea of perfection.  With previous orthorexic tendencies, I approach the fitness world from a different perspective, and am adamant that we shift the discussion, and finally realize that healthy can me many different things.

In 2018 it is my goal to facilitate this discussion on Instagram, by sharing what #myhealthymeans and asking others to join in as well.

In order for this discussion and movement to take hold, I need you.  I need your input, your viewpoints, your participation.  I hope you’ll join me in this generational shift!!

Healthy From All Angles


When it comes to exercise, more is not always better.  On the other hand, there are major benefits to regular movement.  Helping people find their balance with movement is my 1st love and I can’t wait so share what #myhealthymeans when it comes to exercise.


Understanding food can nourish us in many ways; physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is one of the biggest mindset shifts needed in today’s wellness world. There are times when eating a cookie wouldn’t honor my body, and there are times when eating 5 cookies would.  We are all individual, and have individual needs.  #myhealthymeans finding the gray area.


Although wellness is comprised of many facets, food and exercise get all the attention.  it is my goal to bring to light the importance of decreasing our overall stress load.  This, like all other areas, is unique for everyone.  Maybe it looks like eliminating, maybe it looks like daily rituals.  This is  why I want to share what #myhealthymeans when it comes to stress.

These are just three areas we can explore when it comes to health.  We can also consider sleep, social interaction, financial wellness, spiritual health.  #myhealthymeans pursuing a life that honors each of these ares…how about you?

I am 100% on board with the recent body-love movement and am so glad women and men across the nation are questioning our social  norms.  This #myhealthymeans campaign will help propel the discussion of self-love and body-positivity by  understanding our uniqueness and individuality.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing wellness.  The trick is, however to make sure we’re approaching it in a holistic, intuitive manner by trying to be well AND be ourselves.

My biggest hope for this campaign is that individuals will begin to see that comparison is fruitless, and we can only find true wellness when we look within.

Join the Campaign!!


Use the Hashtag – – – Follow the Hashtag

Throughout the month of January I’ll be sharing what healthy looks like for me, and I want you to join me!  First, please download the free hashtag printable and include it in an Instagram photo!  Fill out the sheet, snap a pic, and use the hashtag #myhealthymeans and tag me @adrienneherrenbruck (remember to use them in your insta stories too!!)

Also, you can now follow hashtags on Instagram, genius!  Please go onto the gram and follow #myhealthymeans, so you can keep up with everyones posts and join in on the great conversations!

Join the AH Tribe

Occasionally, I’ll be sending out free info on how to find balance (whatever that means) with wellness.  There will be tips for self-love and body acceptance, mindset challenges, and free workouts and recipes.  Make sure you get all the info by signing up here:

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Participate in the LIVE Convo

Each week I’ll be hosting several Instagram LIVE sessions where I’ll be interviewing some of my favorite gram girls and discussing what healthy looks like for them.  There will be a variety of responses, so get ready for some great convo and let’s dig deep into what #myhealthymeans for you!

To make sure you don’t miss it, here’s the schedule for week 1!

1/1 Monday 12noon EST: Insta Live with ME discussing details of the campaign

1/2 Tuesday 12noon EST: Erin from @theblissbetween and theblissbetween.com

Notes from our LIVE!  Check out these recommendations from Erin 🙂 Poet – Nayyirah Waheed, Be Well Company: Organic Cleansing Facial Oil in Lavender and Myrrh, The Breathing Book

1/3 Wednesday 7pm EST: Clara from @foodfitnessandfaith and mydailydeclarations.com

1/4 Thursday 10pm EST: Julia from @fitfatandallthat

1/5 Friday 7pm EST: Valerie from @thymeandjoy and thymeandjoy.com

Enter the Giveaways!

This is just plain fun.  There will be giveaways EVERY weekend in January so keep your eyes peeled and will some goodies!

Let’s find beauty in the gray areas of wellness.

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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