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You know I’m an advocate for eating intuitively and not being too strict with your food choices.  But, you also probably know that I’m all about pursuing wellness.  It’s somewhere in between, in the no-mans-land of the gray area, that I like to hang.  This means that I really like food, and I also really care about wellness, and I don’t think those two things have to be independent of one another.

This month, I’m starting a whole new section on my blog.  Each week, I’ll be sharing ideas for what you could cook this week (based on what I planned/ate this past week) to help you PURSUE WELLNESS WITHOUT OBSESSION.  I’m a fan of meal prepping, but not in what you may think of as the traditional way.  I don’t make perfectly crafted lunches and have each snack ready for the whole week.  Instead, I tend to batch cook.  Prepping breakfasts is my number one goal, and if nothing else, I know I’ll start the day filled and energized, ready to go.

So, here today I bring you the first installment of “Weekly Eats”.  To be clear, many of the recipes I’ll share are not my own, or they just don’t have a recipe (shrug emoji).  I’ll give credit everywhere I possibly can to help you find all the yummy recipes I use!

If you’re interested more in how I structure my meal-planning, check out this post here, where I share my scheduling secrets and give you a free download of an actual meal plan.



Frittatas are one of my go-to foods.  I love these gems because there are no rules!  My formula is: protein, veg, eggs.  Yes, I know eggs are protein, but I like an extra dose in the morning to get me nice and full.  I also like to add any fresh herb I can.  Herbs can completely transform eggs.  Trust.

My loose recipe is to sauté protein and any tough veggie (squash, potatoes, etc.).  Pour in whisked eggs and cook for a few minutes until the eggs begin to set.  Add any soft or gentle veggies (tomatoes, fresh herbs).  Transfer the frittata to a 350° oven and bake for about 10-12 minutes or until it doesn’t shake. Viola!  Your breakfast is done for the week!

This week I had a tomato frittata and DANG, it was so good.  I used Aidelle’s sage breakfast sausage, and sage as the seasoning.

If I didn’t have the fritatta, I went for my fav combo of Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt and Bear Naked Granola.  It’s heaven with a cup of coffee.


As I mentioned in “5 rules for Successful Meal-Planning” I eat leftovers everyday for lunch.  Whether I’m at the office or home for the day, leftovers are SO EASY for lunch.  If I’m home, or it’s the weekend I may throw in a little flair, but for the most part, dinner one day become lunch the next.

My other secret is to have rotisserie chicken every Monday for dinner.  It’s easy, yummy, and a healthy start to my week.  Easy wins create momentum, people!

This week’s rotisserie chicken was decked out as a cobb salad.  I boiled two eggs, sliced an avocado, and dinner was served.

Another go-to for me is taco night.  If you need to save time, use canned chicken….seriously sooo good.  And of course if you don’t have sour cream, use plain greek yogurt (I like Fage 0% fat).

My plan was to make sun-dried tomato burgers, but we were craving Italian instead.  Enter, sun-dried tomato meatballs!  (Don’t hate me for liking my food plain like a child.  #nosauceplease)

The other days we mainly ate leftovers or grabbed something out (remember you don’t have to make every single meal).  One of my fav things to order when out is a fresh juice since it’s not something I make at home.

Last thing: When I meal prep I only plan for 5 days of food.  Inevitably we have things come up that weren’t on the schedule, or the food stretches longer than we thought.  Banking on 5 days instead of 7 has dramatically reduced our food waste.

Happy Meal Planning!

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Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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