Is self-care selfish?

What does self-care look like for you?


Self Care is the THING

Have you noticed the “self-care” buzzword all over social media?  I mean, for real.  Everyone is promoting self-care and talking about how you should prioritize yourself.  To someone like me, an over-committing type-a personality, self-care sounds obnoxious.

Along with many of these self-care posts come pictures of scrumptious food, alcohol, mani-pedis, hour-long massages, and plenty of “me” time.  At a glance, if I’m being perfectly honest, self-care looks a lot like hedonism and laziness.

The reality though, is that self-care is extremely important.  It just doesn’t always look as appealing as it does on social media.  For me, my number one self-care ritual is to not over-book my calendar.  As previously mentioned, I LOVE saying yes to all the things.  Need someone to volunteer for that?  YES.  Need someone to chair that committee?  PICK ME!  So, for me, I have to create a bit more white space in my calendar and protect myself from what inevitably leads to anxiety.

What really IS self care?

I guess the moral of this story is that self-care is different for everyone.  AND, it does not mean just doing whatever you want.  If a child asked if they could eat an entire pan of brownies, you would say no.  You would give them one brownie, but you know that to protect them you will not allow them to eat more food than their stomach can hold.  This is care.  Self-care, is doing it for yourself.

When we see it in such simple terms, self-care becomes less elusive and more attainable.  Are you looking for some ways to practice self-care?  Check out some of my current fav suggestions below…

Leave White Space in Your Calendar (Read this if you need help)
Try Seasonal Fruits + Veggies
Burn your Favorite Candles (What are you saving them for anyway?)
Start Prepping for Your Next Vacay or Busy Season (this is a major de-stressor when the time comes)
Go for a Hike with a Friend
Read a Book for Fun (Try this one!)
Drink a Hot Beverage (it physically forces you to slow down)
Use or Buy Your Fav Mug


What are your favorite day-to-day self-care tips??

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds a masters degree in Exercise Science. Her passion is to help people find a healthy balance between #IIFYM and #YOLO.

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